Hosted by Stafon Harris-Jackson

Wise Boomer Chics met women at The Cubit 2017 who are divinely focused on helping others by promoting sister non-profit organizations and small businesses, along with showcasing local Dallas fashion designers. The fashion show was hosted by an phenomenal women, Stafon Harris-Jackson, a survivor and fighter for a worthy cause, cancer in children.The Cubit 2017 Fashion Runway Show in Dallas was fabulous!

Who is Stafon Harris-Jackson?  Her Story:


“I was introduced to cancer through my daughter. Cherae was diagnosed with stage IV Neuroblastoma, she received her wings at the tender age of three in 1999.

Eleven years later, on April 19, 2010, I was diagnosed with stage 2B colon cancer. I was a 40-year-old healthy woman with no family history and no recognizable symptoms. I had perforation of the colon and a piece of my colon broke a part and wrapped around my appendix. I recovered in 2011 but the cancer returned in 2013. It was harder the second this time, but I fought the battle. As I recovered from what I thought was my last and final battle, on July 26, 2016 my cancer returned, this time with the metastasis in both lungs.

While many may have felt defeated, I use these experiences to help others through my newly formed cancer foundation and speaking engagements.

When you look death in the face, it changes your life forever. I tell people the truth about living with colon cancer, screening and about this disease being preventable and treatable.”

The CNJ Foundation is the umbrella that will assist families impacted with childhood and colon cancer by providing financial, travel, co-pay assistance and emotional support while coping with this disease.

My ultimate goal is to let everyone know that God has your back—keep living and keep believing. In the words of my three-year-old, “Keep smiling.””

Event Supports Small Businesses:

It was apparent that Stefon was a strong support of small businesses.  The event venue included several small business from holistic services, hand crafted jewelry and accessories, fragrances and a bakery.

The two that caught the eye of Wise Boomer Chics (you can see their products in the Photo Gallery above):

  1. Uniquely 1 of a Kind Jewelry – Veronica Williams – Post Office Box 867345, Plano, Texas – email:
  2. Gyraffee Wear – A Head Above the Rest – Marshall Dickson – email:

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