We don’t know what happened! The apps icons on our Samsung Note were all out of order.

Where the heck is the Gmail app? Now you know, it’s much better to find the app you’re looking for if they are all in alphabetical order. So, we wanted to know how to sort apps alphabetically on our Galaxy Note.  We found the answer! Batta Boom, Batta Bang.  Done!  All apps are now back were there were before, in alpha order.

In case you needed to know, here are the steps to put those Samsung Galaxy Apps in Order

The default Samsung launcher, TouchWiz, lets you sort installed apps in app draw in 3 ways:

  • Customizable gird,
  • Alphabetical grid,
  • and Alphabetical list.


To sort apps alphabetically on Galaxy Note 3 and other Samsung Galaxy devices, do these simple steps:

1. Go to App drawer (if you are on Home Screen, tap the Apps icon)

2. Press Menu Button, followed by View Type.

3. Now choose the desired view type from these options: Customizable gird, Alphabetical grid, and Alphabetical list.


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