Old and Loving It! Boomer Chics Embrace the Lifestyle

I’ve always liked Richard Gere, even before “Pretty Woman”.  He was really good in “American Gigolo”!  So it would seem natural for me to pay attention to a Facebook meme with his picture.  But it was also the caption that caught my attention.  He is quoted as saying “I am old…”  Wow!  A good looking boomer man claiming to be old!  That is amazing.  I can’t begin to tell you how difficult it is for most women to admit that they are old and wear it has a badge of honor! Beauty advertising  has most women believing that to be “old” is a horrible looking thing!

I remember when Bishop James L Davis, Former Pastor, Big Bethel AME, once encouraged me to stay young at heart, even at my ripe age of 50 something. There was a lot of trust placed in this spiritual leader. But, what did he mean, to stay young at heart?

I don’t think it meant that once you reach a certain age, you have to act a certain way based on some societal rule placed on a certain age.  Yeah, I know that there are written rules that say you should “act your age.” But who determined how a 60 year old is suppose to “act”? Why not just be your silly self, but yet responsible!

This #boomerchic was surprised to read on a Richard Gere meme, “I am old but I am forever young at heart!” There is a young before and older after photo of Mr. Gere on Pinterest and he does not look 66! So for all you women who, for what ever reason, cringe from the word “old” read this from a fine, older aged Boomer Man…

Richard Gere - Admits "I am old..." Boomer Chics


Generation WW2 Misses the Growing Older Point

I found this information on a website that blasted Mr. Gere’s statement of how he feels about his age.  It can only be imaged that the 70 year old Generation WW2  writer may have missed a point that was easy for others who identify with Mr. Gere, that age is just a number. So Paul Clegg’s statement written in January, 2016 makes no sense to me: “Who but the delusional are “young at heart” in their old age? The optimism of youth is predicated on a denial of mortality. All things may be possible if one never dies. By the time you’re 70, as I am now, you know that dreams die and time runs out.”

DREAMS NEVER DIE, THEY MAY BE DEFERRED! Time is relative.  There are numerous examples of people in their older age who have graduated college, become famous artists and musical geniuses!

So yes, as Mr. Gere said “each year is special and precious and you can only live it one…!”

Wise Boomer Chics Aging Gracefully also believe “I am old but I am forever young at heart.” Embrace the Lifestyle!




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