Who Shared the Men’s Code of Ethics?

So who is Kevin Samuels, and why do I appreciate him? Because he has shared the men’s code of ethics. He opened the rule book for men and, get this, shared secrets in the code with women! Kevin Samuels is an Image Consultant, Life Coach with a successful YouTube Chanel with over 1 million followers. Listening to responses to Kevin’s questions while revealing secrets in the code a lot of these women fail to listen. As a Wise Boomer Chic, I had to respond!

Is He Telling the Truth?

He has been telling women the truth about what men really think about their goals to create a legacy and, the type of woman they desire to achieve their goals. A real man is a King with the “master Plan”. It’s about life that matters to them. In the King’s mind, a woman is expected to play the role agreed upon in order to be successful.

Ester Had a Plan!

Many of these women believe that their physical features, or their sexual abilities are what matter the most to men. They want what they see in videos, social media, news feeds, of the glitz and glamorous life. It is their belief that it is what they deserve, without their own plan for success. Not realizing they have God given tools within themselves, handed down to them by powerful black women, Queens! If you believe in the bible then you should know What Esther Knew!

There is no “Knight in Shinning Armor”

As a Boomer, it’s disheartening to hear these young women answer Kevin’s questions. They have no clue as to what is really important to accelerate to the next level, with or without children. The mindset has to change to understand the sense of urgency. There is no “knight in shinning armor”! Without a plan it will become increasingly difficult to survive now, and more shit is coming!

Here’s a Wise Boomer Chic We Know Stuff… A man that comes to you with interest should come as a King, with a master plan. YOU GOTTA HAVE A PLAN!

Jacqueline “JackieR” Robinson is a Marketing and Communications Executive (Retired). This Podcast and Blog Post are her independent thoughts after listening to Kevin Samuels.

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Self Reflection and Success!

Life is Real! Now is the time for young women to evaluate how other women before them were able to survive without “selling their soul to the devil”! Boomers with a plan when shit just blew up from the dot.com era, bank bail out, death of the middle class, foreclosures, theft of pension funds, etc., have reaped the benefit of their success and sacrifices. We are proud Boomers, over 60!

Millions of women never imaged the election a Black President. Or, having a black man move his family in the the White House. We will never forget Former President Barrack Hussain Obama and Michelle, Malia and Sasha Obama.

The strength of Michelle Obama, along with her mom, Mrs. Robinson , gave women, but mostly Black women, pride in seeing the best example of a strong, black family! I believe that is the example the young women who call into the Kevin Samuels’ show should aspire to.

Boomers All Over the World!

There are numerous examples of successful women worldwide. These women relied on the strength and power within to push through with a viable plan. All this while raising children, working a career and providing in any way they could afford. Retired with a well executed plan, Boomers now live a comfortable life, thanking God that they made it!

Thanks Again, Kevin, for Sharing the Men’s Code of Ethic

JackieR, Wise Boomer Chic, has a message for the women who call into Kevin Samuels. He’s sharing the men’s code of ethics, asking hard questions, and telling the truth, with the bluntness of his delivery. Listen and learn something about what’s really going on in the mind of a man.

My Message to You!

My message is a message of reflection, transition, reinvention, mental resolve and words of wisdom.

Hoping to reach many, even if it’s just one. To be obedient to the spirit that guided me to record and write this message.

Thanks again, Kevin, for sharing the men’s code of ethics!

Keep Smiling,
Jacqueline “JackieR” Robinson
Wise Boomer Chic