You have represented us well, and we love you!

Marian Shields Robinson is the mother of First Lady Michelle Robinson and mother-in-law of President Barack Obama. She is a maternal, and the only living grandparent of Malia and Sasha Obama. We have know Marian Shields Robinson as the grandmother from the White House.

As is often the case in communities all around the world, Grandmothers are the cornerstones of many families, the glue that holds things together while providing a sense of peace, stability and normalcy for hectic lives. There has been a very strong woman behind the scenes at the White House – Mrs Marian Robinson, or Mrs. R, as she is sometimes called, a Grandmother. The last time there was a grandmother living in the White House was during Dwight D. Eisenhower’s presidency back in the 50’s.

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Marian Robinson, has served as the bedrock for the entire Obama clan. Her bond with the first family is evident. Throughout the Obama’s years in the White House, Mrs. Robinson has watched closely over Malia and Sasha as a friendly assist to support Michelle and Barack Obama.

The parenting style Robinson used with her children is the same she utilizes with her grandchildren. She pushes free thinking and independence along with a good dose of discipline and love.

Family friends have said Robinson has been a godsend for Michelle Obama, who always wanted to recreate the nurturing atmosphere Robinson created in the working-class home where Michelle grew up. “My mom’s big mantra was making sure that we felt good about ourselves,” Craig Robinson, Michelle’s brother said.

Strength and Normalcy for Malia and Sasha

Mrs. Robinson’s sole reason for remaining in Washington was to help keep her granddaughters’ lives as semi-normal as possible. “She’s a presence in a very quiet, understated way,” the friend said. “The first lady wouldn’t be as comfortable as she is traveling around the country and the world if her mom wasn’t there to pitch in.”

“There are many times when she drops off the kids, we hang out and talk and catch up, and then she’s like, ‘I’m going home.’ And she walks upstairs,” the first lady told Oprah Winfrey early on.

She wrote an essay published in Essence Magazine during the 2012 campaign describing her life as relatively typical. “One of my biggest blessings is getting to see my granddaughters grow up before my eyes. My job here is the easiest one of all: I just get to be Grandma.”

Marian Robinson – the Runner!

She started running in her 50s and became a gold medalist in both the 50-meter and 100-meter races in the 1997 Illinois Senior Olympics. But she abandoned the sport after an injury that made her less competitive.

“If I can’t do it fast, I’m not doing it,” she said in Winfrey’s magazine in 2007. “You don’t run just to be running — you run to win.”

Michelle has said that her mother “speaks her mind.” “She does exactly what she wants to do every single day without apology.”


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Michelle Obama Praises Marian Robinson – Her Mom!

The First Lady has gotten emotional when speaking of her mother, in particular when introducing her during a White House Mothers Day reception: “Raising our girls in the White House with my mom,” she began, as she looked at her mother and her eyes welled with tears, “is a beautiful experience. And the opportunity to have three generations living in the White House, it’s beautiful.”

We are proud, Mrs. Robinson, to know that Michelle had a strong, praying mother to support her and the girls, Malia and Sasha, with dignity and grace. You have represented us well, and we love you!

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