Wise Boomer Chics Use Smartphones

2015 was the last year to upgrade your smartphone in order to receive all those perks and extras, plus a reasonable upgrade price for a great smartphone!

Now, you either pay full price (up to $900) for a new phone or go on a 30 month payment plan.  So you could spend 2.5 years paying for a phone that will be outdated in 6-12 months.  But, you’ll have an amazing phone! Wise Boomer Chics Use Smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 5


What’s happening at AT&T?

It seems that since August 2015 AT&T starting charging $15 for everyone who signs up for AT&T Next — and that includes “those who bring their own device (BYOD) and sign up for a new line of service,” Droid Life writes. Before, activating a device on AT&T Next cost you nothing.  So slapping users with a $15 upgrade fee really is a big change.

What are they doing at Verizon?

Verizon’s plans separate the cost of the smartphone from the cost of the service. And while they make it easier for customers to upgrade more often, they also give consumers the option of saving money if they’re willing to to hold onto their existing hardware.

Why the Increase?

Boomer Chics found out that the fee increases are being implemented due to “administrative and other costs associated with activating or upgrading a device,” In 2015 other carriers followed AT&T.

What’s a Wise Boomer Chic to do?

Most smartphones have star war like features that most of us won’t use.  For the most part, we need a phone for email, voice, great picture and video taking, and social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and maybe Twitter. For that, do we really need a $900 smartphone?

AARP offers members an option with Consumer Cellular. Plans start at $10 per month month, no contract, good phone selection. You can upgrade, change or cancel your plan at any time without penalty.



There are some beautiful smartphones out there, and Boomer Chics are using them! Oh my, I want that Samsung Galaxy Note 5!





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