Will Social Security be Enough?

She could not wait for her next birthday, 62!  The age where you can collect social security.  But, would it be enough! 

She calculated her expenses and realized it would not be enough to live independently, and without a job.  The alternative: Senior Living Community, Low Income Housing for Seniors,  government rent assisted apartment, or family (NOT)!  Many Old Chics face this decision as they cross that 60 line.

Aging Gracefully at Home!

And then, there are some Old Chics who have prepared for a retired life in the comfort of their own homes.  The home they worked mostly all of their lives to maintain and grow a family!  We say bravo to you Old Chics who are Aging Gracefully at Home!

Old Chics who are Aging Gracefully at Home

Image source: indeeddecor.com

“Aging in place” is the new mantra for many Old Chics!

How are you preparing for the future?

  1. Looking for a part-time job job?
  2. Working now, especially with Millenniums!?
  3. Retired on a Pension?
  4. Living solely off social security?
  5. Living with or dating a partner with combined benefits?
  6. Looking for a partner to add to your comfort level?

What say you? Are you Aging Gracefully at Home?

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