From Monochrome to High Definition

Wise Boomer Chics used CRT Monitors

Boomers used Microsoft Windows 1.0

Are you like me, a senior professional working with a variety of other professionals so far removed from the past because time seems to have propelled from the CRT to a curved flat screen with thousands of dpi resolution.

You do remember the CRT and the Black Screen, don’t you?


The CRT was that huge monitor that had either a black of monochrome screen. Mine had a black screen and when you turned it on it would boot the system and you knew you where ready when you saw the C prompt C:\ . No stylus or touch screen, we had to type a command at the C:\ prompt in order to launch a software application. Wordperfect with the blue screen. Harvard Graphics with the black screen. For images we relied on Microsoft Clipart.


Assorted Mouse from 1987 to 2007

Wow! Assorted Mouse from 1987 to 2007

I would love to have an opportunity to tell my co-workers about the time I was first introduced to the mouse. It was 1987. I was asked to look at a new system with a color screen monitor and a hand-held device to control the software with a left finger click. Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and Publisher were beautiful! I was in love with the new Windows ver.1.0 and Microsoft Office 1.0.

Image By SandsteinOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link


Over time monitors have grown increasingly larger and more colorful. You can now browse the internet on a Smart TV.  We’ve come a long way, Wise Boomer Chics, from the 80’s and 90’s with CRTs and monochrome flat colors, to screens and TVs with colors that are vibrant and with extremely high resolution.


Ahhh, modern technology.  Something Wise Boomer Chics have come to appreciate!

Wise Boomer Chics Aging Gracefully

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