Resale shops / bazars/ consignment shops in Ajijic

Barbara’s Bazar, Independencia #7. Largest bazar lakeside. antiques and collectibles, household items, furniture, electronics.

Mia’s, on Carretera, east of Colon.

Heidi’s, on Ocampo, in front of Early Bird Café, east of Manix. Clothing.

Smokie’s, in Bugamvilla plaza. Clothing, shoes, jewelry.

Resale Row in Riberas, starting at the west end:

Casi Nuevo, Carretera #95, corner of San Mateo (across the street from 7-11), north side of the street. Consignment shop. Furniture, clothes, household items.

Ninos de Chapala, next door to Casi Nuevo. One of the best places for used books. Also clothes and household items.

Pepe’s Consignment Store, on the Carretera, 3 stores east of Car City, ½ block east of the 7-11, north side of the street. Furniture.

Tepehua Treasures, Carretera #98, 2 doors down from Café Magaña, south side of street. Good place for books, clothes. Despite the street number, this is east of Casi Nuevo.

Bazar, Carretera #81, north side of the street, west of El Oshito Bazar. Furniture, open only on weekends. A block east of Tepehua Treasures.

El Oshito Bazar, Carretera #78, north side of the street. Furniture.

Arte Amanacer, Carretera, north side of the street, across from Telecable, near corner of San Jorge (where Mom’s is).

Luis’ Bazar, Carretera #66C, north side of the street. Furniture, especially wood shelf systems. Osterizer blenders.

Upscale Resale, on the Carretera, half a block east of San Jorge, next to Casa de las Aves, near Maskaras Clinic (now called something else). Mostly household items. Good place for books. Some clothes.

In Chapala:

Terry’s, Carretera (Hidalgo) # 265-B, near the Immigration Office, on the north (mountain) side of the street. Clothes and shoes. Open daily 9 am to 8 pm,

Chapala’s Consignment Shoppe (Tom’s), on Morelos, 3 blocks east of Ave. Francisco Madero (Chapala main street)

Love in Action, clothing bazar in Chapala.