The sun is shining, it’s getting hot and my open-toe shoes are calling. Winter is over and summer is upon us, which means it’s high time to ready your feet for all of the cute strappy sandals and colorful flip flops you’ll undoubtedly be rocking soon.

Wise Boomer Chics has Five Tips to Get Your Feet Together for Summer.

Five Tips to Get Your Feet Together for Summer

1. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

Make this your pre-summer mantra: “Exfoliation is my good for my feet.” What is the first thought you have when you see people in sandals with crusty feet? You know, that thick layer of seemingly powdery skin on their heels? Think about it.That’s a whole lot of dead skin cells from winter just waiting to be sloughed off so you can unveil the smooth steppers hidden dormant beneath.

Recipe for Exfoliation:  Mix some kosher salt and oil in a bowl for a great DIY scrub. Or, if you simply have to get your feet to the beach, take a long walk along the shore — sand is a fantastic natural exfoliator. If your feet are in need of more than just a little attention, look at purchasing a mechanical exfoliating tool or a chemical foot peel utilizing fruit acids.

2. Consider a nice, soothing soak

You can a foot soaker at any retailer, like Big Lots. I found a brand new one at a Thrift store. Save even more money by filling a large bowl or basting pan with warm water and essential oils.

Recipe for a Foot Soak: Try this:  1 cup of Listerine, 1 cup of white vinegar, 2 cups of warm water soak courtesy of Pinterest. A less alternative option would be the solid stand-by of warm water and Epsom salt. Every Boomer Chic as Epsom Salt! Either way, incorporating soaks into your foot-care routine — either before exfoliating to soften skin or afterwards to rinse off the slough — will ensure your bare feet stay beautiful year round.

3. Make moisturizing a priority

Don’t waste the investment you put in to exfoliating your feet.  Especially when beach season is right around the corner. Now you have to seal in all the moisture. You can’t loose using a super-soft, sandal-sportin’ thick emollient cream on a daily basis. In fact, one of the most popular tricks of the trade is slapping said foot balm on at night, slipping on a pair of heavy socks and sleeping your way to pretty tootsies.

If you favor more organic foot moisturizing methods, coconut oil works wonders for achieving that baby-soft feel. Just slather it on your feet after bathing.

4. Pay attention to detail

Once you’ve established a regular routine of exfoliating, soaking and moisturizing, you may be tempted to call it a day and slip your feet into your sandals already. It’s okay — no one in Walmart is going to call you out for if you still have ashy feet. However, your feet will look better, feel better and hold pedicure polish longer if your cuticles are pushed back and trimmed. Having a regular foot regiment will give you a chance to feel callouses and bunions, and treat them with care.

5. Polish ’em up

No pedicure is complete without a little toe dazzle. It’s a law of nature — feet just look better in open-toed shoes when your toes are coated with a plucky polish. Bright pinks, corals, reds and oranges are classic summer hue choices, but don’t be afraid to pull inspiration from your outfit or from your surroundings. A blue as deep as the Adriatic Sea? Yes, please! Don’t skip a base coat, lest you dig that whole yellow toenail look once you remove the polish, and add a top coat to prevent chipping. Look for a high-quality polish with a decent brush for easy application and enduring results.

Love your feet. It’s the only two you have!

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