Make Plans Now for your Bucket List Vacation 2018

A visit to Spain was on my “bucket list”. For years, I dreamed of visiting Cordoba, Spain. A city established by North Africans who conquered Spain in 700 and ruled until 1492. Youtube University provides a glimpse of the beauty of the area and the historical artifacts that you see in movies. Tips on How to Make Plans Now for your Bucket List Vacation 2018.

In 2017 I had a blessing of a lifetime when my brother treated me to a trip to Madrid, Spain. The entire experience was wonderful from the upgraded seat on my long flight to Europe, hanging out with my brother in Madrid, to seeing the crossing of the border of Europe over the Atlantic from my airplane seat window on my way back home.

Traveling to Europe requires planning.

  • For one thing, you have to prepare for money conversion.  I used the XE Currency website to check the currency conversion rate. The US dollar may have less value than other currencies, depending on where you plan to travel.
  • Determine how much time off you earn.Look up the number of vacation days you earn by checking with your finance or HR team. Don’t forget to make a note of any office closures.
  • How much will you spend on lodging? Hostels, AirBnB and VRBO are lodging alternatives to traditional hotels. However, hotels offer special deals to compete with the lower room rates offered in competition. I was surprised to see all the available Hostels in Madrid; very expensive and attractive to young people traveling abroad.
  • Speaking just a little of the basic of a country’s language is better than not understanding anything at all. You can have a more comfortable experience during your vacation by studying a foreign language using a language app, like Duolingo . I also found the Interpreter App (DOWNLOAD) that can speak English phrase in the country of choice’s language.
  • The SuperTrain can take you to another country in less hours it would take to drive. Everyone talks about the super train and how fast you can travel from country to country in Europe.  I took the train from Madrid to Cordoba, my bucket list city.  Before my trip, I DOWNLOADED the train app and was able to schedule the day trip within my vacation time.





As a senior traveling abroad, it’s really to our advantage to plan ahead as much as possible.  It would be wise to set up a health/wellness account along with a vacation account to save what you may need as an emergency and for that vacation of a lifetime in 2018.


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