Smiling so hard because I couldn’t be any happier! I’ve been thankful towards The Universe every day through my thoughts, words, and actions and in return it has been treating me SO WELL. This is my story, Transition to Vegan – A Young Woman’s Journey!

Organic Whole Foods – Vegan

I’ve been transitioning from an average vegan diet to a fully organic whole foods diet with my husband and we feel amazing! We have so much energy all of the time. I also realized how much our tap water and bottled water is full of chemicals like lye, sodium bicarbonate, & also plastic particles which affect our health in such negative ways that drinking this water truly isn’t helping our health in any way. Because of this I switched to Kangen water and it’s effects are incomparable. It’s true, if you change your water you are changing your life!

Kangen Water





I hope everyone understands the importance of their health and how not only does it affect you, but also your babies. Having a bad diet predisposes your kids to diseases like cancer, diabetes, allergies, and many others! You don’t just catch these diseases just because!

Survival of the Fittest

It is never too late to change your way of living ❤ I don’t believe the world isn’t going to end anytime soon but I do believe something similar is going to occur with many lives.This is where survival of the fittest comes to play and only those most adaptable to change will survive and pass this on to their generations!

It’s not too late! It’s hard to change, and I know your family/friends might be so stuck on their habits that they influence you to keep yours but you have to be mentally strong!

Healthy is the real wealthy. You can do it! I love you all ❤

Nicole Castillo