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Jacqueline Lawson – Wise Boomer Chic Aging Gracefully, Publisher

Wise Boomer Chics…We Know Stuff!

As older women, there is so much we know about life, simply because of the fact that we are still here! We, who are between the ages of 55 and 70, can tell you many things that have happened over the course of our lives. Wise Boomer Chics, stop for a moment and think back to when you where 30! That was over 25 years ago for some. How about 40 years for some others!  Who remembers Y2K? A lot of stuff happened in those years. Wise Boomer Chics…We Know Stuff!

What it feels like to be a Sage!

We have all met some young person who looked up to us. Our ability to share knowledge and wisdom As a seasoned professional and somewhat of a “sage” it feels good to share what I had learned in my 65 years on this planet. I am always inspired to want to share more about what I’ve learned in life to anyone who is willing to listen.

We can’t grow this community without you.

We are reaching out to “baby boomers”. People, men and women, but mostly women, who have reached the age of seniority; eligible for movie ticket discounts! Wise Boomer Chics was created to grow an audience of like-minded boomers who are looking for information related to things that impact their lives.

Share your story with Wise Boomer Chics

Do you own a business? Are you a retired professional? An artist or teacher?  We would love for you to use our website to share what you know, not only to increase your audience, but as an opportunity to share with other Wise Boomer Chics.

We will continue to share with you, and welcome your ideas and suggestions. You are invited to read our blog posts, make a comment, share on Facebook or Twitter. Are you on Pinterest or Instagram? We are there too!

Join Us!

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